Compounds & Colors

Compounds & colors

dalau™ has custom designed blending facilities, where PTFE based compounds and colors are blended in a clean climate controlled environment.

All our products are offered with the confidence of the dalcon™ brand name.

    Class 10000 clean room facilities       Extruded rod and molding

  Class 10,000 clean room facilities                     dalcon™ PTFE

We offer a variety of colors and fillers: glass, carbon, coke, graphite, anti-static, bronze, MoS2 and special blends to customer specifications. Talk to us about your specific requirements!

We retain complete control of the manufacturing process, while converting dalcon™ PTFE compounds into semi-finished stock. This ensures the highest standards of finished product presenting a unique combination of properties to provide performances unparalled by other polymers or metals.

All our compounds offer exceptional characteristics in meeting extreme customer application requirements including.

• High chemical resistance

• Covers a wide working temperature range

• Low co-efficient of friction to solid

• Extreme dielectric properties

All virgin & mixed compounds offer high purity and inertness in the end product

• Comprehensive strength and durability

These compounds can be molded, extruded and processed into film & sheet or machined components specific to your requirements.