Machining the human head

5-Axis Machining of "The Human Head"

dalau™ continues to invest in the latest 5-Axis machines for the production of even larger and more complex parts.

Our machining capabilities range from one-off prototype components to large batch sizes.

Our range of state-of-the-art DMG high precision 5-Axis machining centers are designed for 5-sided and simultaneous machining. Unprecedented 5-Axis flexibility for one-hit machining, housed in a fully enclosed, temperature-controlled room, with a counter-balanced CMM measuring arm performing final inspection still on the machine.

DMG CTX2000TC Machine 

   DMG CTX2000TC

 DMG DMU50 machine 

       DMG DMU50

 DMG BETA1250TC Machine 

    DMG BETA1250TC