Semiconductor Industry


Our state-of-the-art machines produce some of the largest custom-made machined components required by the semiconductor industry, including 17 inch diameter, Low profile Wafer Carriers.

NEW - Unique to dalau - Reinforced Wafer Carriers 

We design and manufacture reinforced wafer carriers.  Our unique insert material allows a higher operating temperature range than standard carbon inserts.

Reinforced 200mm Wafer Carrier  Reinforced Wafer Carrier with lockable lid

Reinforced 200mm Wafer Carrier         Reinforced Wafer Carrier with lockable lid


Other custom made machined components include:-

 PTFE Pumps           PTFE Wafer Carriers           Machined PTfE Chamber

Machined Chemical Pumps                  450mm PTFE Low Profile          550mm diameter PTFE Chamber                                                                                             Wafer Carrier

         End Effectors   Wafer Carrier   PEEK Wafer Carrier

                       End Effectors                        Wafer Carrier - 25 slot                 PEEK Wafer Carrier 

                               Mask carrier                 Static Dissipative Wafer Carrier

                                   Mask Carrier - 25 slot                         Static Dissipative WC - 12 slot                                                                                                                                                                                             

For more examples download our Carrier Portfolio


We have CAD (Computer Aided Design) and advanced Computer Numerically Controlled machining capabilities for producing custom, hi and low Profile wafer, mask and substrate carriers to exact specifications. Cassettes are machined as a single piece construction, not fastened together by screws or pins, and are available in PTFE dalcon™, PTFM, PCTFE and static dissipative compounds.

                                PTFE Clamshell                 PTFE Rota and Clamshell

                                               Clamshell                                            Clamshell and Rotor

                    We mold all our stock shapes in a temperature controlled, pressurized Clean Room.

                                Clean room                 

                                             Clean Rooms                                  DMG CTX Gamma 2000TC

 For more information on the DMG CTX Gamma machine,turning,ctxgamma2000tc