Machined components for the Medical Industry

Medical Components

We specialise in precision machined components, supplying dalcon™ PTFE pistons for the new Dose Pro, a needle-free injection device developed and launched by Zogenix Inc in the US in January 2010.

PTFE Blood Filter components      DosePro needle-free device  

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Custom cell manufacturing

We are able to offer you a dedicated manufacturing environment.  Our machining operations conform to GMP requirements in Clean Room conditions and dalau™ Ltd has a Drug Master File (no 20720) registered with the FDA in the US.  

At the heart of our quality regime is our proprietary Statistical Process Control (SPC) system.  


     Clean Room facilities          PEEK Medical Implants     Medical Blood filters

 GMP approved Clean room                    Spinal supports                                  Blood clot filters

We specialise in the manufacture of PEEK medical implants and other custom machined components including; Blood Clot filters, artificial joints, Ultra-pure DNA analysis components, Syringe Sealers, Ear Grommets and drug contact parts.

 Micro 8 for Micro machined components      

         Micro 8 used for Micro machning 

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