Extruded PTFE Rod and PTFE Moulds

Extruded & Moulded

dalau™ specialise in offering a wide range of high quality extruded rod.

Our fluoropolymer products are produced under the dalcon™ name to ensure a high standard of uniform density levels and physical properties.

PTFE Extruded Rod and Moulds      PTFE Extruded Rod      

           PTFE mouldings                          PTFE extruded rods                      PCTFE extruded rods                  

Ideal for producing tight toleranced machined components for the connector, electronics, medical and semi-conductor industries.

We hold large stocks of ground and unground rod from 4 mm - 100 mm in 1 m, 2 m, and 3 m lengths.

Extruder Extruder


Our exceptional quality ptfe rods are produced on our own in-house designed and built extrusion system.

Precision Grinding

Precision Grinding

dalau™ also offer a precision grinding service for those customers who require uniform toleranced rod for high speed machining. We can maintain a high level of surface finish with a consistent tolerance from batch to batch.

Extruded PTFE Rod and Moulds

PTFE Moulded Rod & Tube

We produce a wide range of PTFE moulded rod and tube in a variety of sizes in natural and filled grades all produced to a high standard under the dalcon™ trademark.

We hold a large stock inventory of moulded ptfe rods, ptfe tubes and ptfe extruded rod to meet your requirements.

Extruded Rod 4 mm to 100 mm diameter
Up to 4 m length, h9 ground upon request
Moulded Rod 25 mm to 275 mm diameter
Up to 500 mm length
Moulded Tube 42 mm to 300 mm external diameter
Up to 500 mm length

Compounds & Colours

Compounds and Colours